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The Witch of Angbar

Chapter 1 In the land of the Maraggar, Dral-ne’talnisan, the Suldakhar holds power just below that of Tettuwain, his peoples’ deity; the Pfaldam, the living reach of his words, and the Suldam, the living reach of his hands. From the … Continue reading

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Cover Art

A lot of people, especially college-level english teachers will use this old catchphrase, “You can’t tell a book by it’s cover”. While that may be somewhat true in a literary sense, it is absolute folly where marketing is concerned. The … Continue reading

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Adding humor

Nearly every one of my favorite authors is a master at adding humor to a narrative, Terry Pratchet is the acknowledged pinnacle of the art and the numerous adaptations of his Diskworld novels add proof of that. With imitation being … Continue reading

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Punching yet another cliche

One of the more common clichés in the all encompassing genre of scifi-fantasy-horror is the zombie. The typical zombie is a partially rotting animated corpse whose sole desire is to dine on human flesh/brains. Since I need a zombie to round out … Continue reading

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