Punching yet another cliche

One of the more common clichés in the all encompassing genre of scifi-fantasy-horror is the zombie. The typical zombie is a partially rotting animated corpse whose sole desire is to dine on human flesh/brains. Since I need a zombie to round out the cast in my Tony Mandolin series, the obvious question is…how do I punch this cliché in its nose?

Good question. I have several ideas.

More to come.


About robertleebeers

Author, Illustrator, Artist, Musician, and (sorry) politician.
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One Response to Punching yet another cliche

  1. RObert Lee Beers says:

    All right! With the help of my attorney friend, Robert Freeman (The Bruce), I’ve rounded out my zombie. He’s environmentally conscious, he does “live” in San Francisco after all, his name is Doc Lamoreaux, he eats fish (brain food) and he is the founder and president of BONER Brotherhood of Non-Living Entities Reanimated.

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