Second Tony Mandolin published

Well it finally hit the stores. One Last Quiche, the second in the Tony Mandolin Mysteries has been released by my overworked Publisher, Sandy Cummins of Writers Exchange ePublishing. I don’t know about that company name, since WEE also has a print division.

I’m hoping OLC gets good reviews. The first book in the series started out with 4 stars and then after an edit has gotten consistent 5 star raves from those who’ve read it. Sandy thought it was good but preferred the first one. Myself, I think Quiche is a better effort than Slight Case of Death, but what do I know; I just do the writing.

That last sentence isn’t a cut or an attempt at cynical humor. If we authors are honest we will recognize that we are usually too close to the material to see its strengths and weaknesses clearly. Only an informed reading by someone who can be arms-length from our sparkling prose can tell us whether or not we’ve hit the mark. Here’s hoping for One Last Quiche. Please, buy a copy and enjoy. It costs less than a Starbucks Latte and may be more enjoyable.


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