Carrying multiple loads

As writers we sometimes run into the issue of having to create more than one storyline. Authors such as Jim Butcher, Glen Cook and John DeChancie (yes, I am prejudiced toward writers of fantasy) have all done this. We listen to the voices, you see.

My epic fantasy series, The Milward Chronicles was begun over 10 years ago. Over the decade I have come to know the personalities of every character in the books as if they were family. Of course, familiarity breeds contempt, or in my case, boredom. I decided to start another book not even distantly related to the style of The Chronicles. The Tony Mandolin series, which has a number of posts on this blog, is written first person and with decidedly more outright humor than  the semi-serious tone of The Chronicles. Yes, I admit it, I cannot keep a straight face throughout an entire book.

So, what this did is it split my attentions and a book that should have taken no more than two years to complete has now gone on for four, but in that time I have been able to write two books in the other series (which you should seriously check out), begin the third and plot out a completed outline for Angbar. If you cannot wait, I will post a couple more chapters as I go, but I have to have requests to do so. An author cannot produce if the interest isn’t there. Consider it a personality flaw.


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6 Responses to Carrying multiple loads

  1. Robert
    I know how that goes. I’m supposed to be splitting a novel in two for a first draft edit by July but can’t get my head out of a short story series. It just crept up on me, I swear!!! Can’t complain. really. I’m having a ball.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog ( regarding Dresden files. At one time I entertained outlining/drafting a TV series synopsis &/or spec scripts for a rebooted series as a means of getting new interest in the idea but … time (as above). Maybe one day when I retire (Yeah, right, says the wife)
    All the best
    Ian Martin

    PS I’m sorry if this is a tired question but are you the former Nevada Assemblyman?

    • Actually…no. The tired question is if I’m the councilman, even though he is in Vegas and I live in Henderson…of course.

      Yes, guilty as charged. When I’m not trying to be the male JK Rowling or the Yankee Terry Pratchett, I mediate for the Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program.

      • Your Wikipedia profile says good things but anyone brave enough to enter public life and stand up for the right thing regardless of party politics deserves to have their hand shaken, at the very least. So, digital handshake, there.
        Otherwise, wouldn’t we all like to write like her…
        Good luck with whatever you’re working on now. That shorts series I talked about (Sci-fi, called The Travel Agency) has taken on a life of its own. I just finished my first edit of story number 4 and have outlined the next two, The Muse has got me in her clutches.
        Haven’t been to Vegas for about 7 years, tough times out there I hear. Hope things are well for you and yours.
        I read a little of one of the Mandolin stories earlier today. It’s got a slightly Dresden feel to it so I’ll probably try and read the first one in the next few weeks.

      • Thanks Ian. I really appreciate that. I have a question, are you published, and if so, where?

      • ‘published’ is a loaded term these days, so I’ll be a little pedantic in answering. I’ve had two short stories published in a boutique e-magazine called SpecLit Masters (1 story each in editions 1 & 2). That’s the traditional route. The items are reviewed and edited by the magazine. Final decision on editing etc falls to the author.

        Other than that I’ve ‘self’ published through Amazon. There’s a novel The Flame, and the first three short stories in The Travel Agency series (Pirate Copies, Fringe Benefits & Hostile Takeover). I tend to put the shorts out to beta readers then edit them myself. So far so good.

        The magazine publisher/editor has just had a novel published through Curiosity Quills and is enjoying some success. The novel The Zona is outstanding – very StephenKing-ish with some twists. Consequently SpecLit Masters ed. 3 is in hiatus although we will probably do something later in the year. There’s a group of 3-4 of us who contribute.

        Hope this helps

      • It helps a lot Ian. It sounds quite interesting.

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