Massaging the ego

As writers we are an egotistical bunch. Come on now, admit it, the one thing we desire above all else, besides a fat publishing contract is the approval and admiration of our readers. The last thing we want to see is zero reviews, that is worse than the disapproving ones. With those at least we know we were read.

ith that in mind I have a suggestion and a request. The suggestion is to support your fellow writers by buying a copy of their book and after reading it, post a review. If you check out the two biggest eReader sites, Amazon’s Kindle pages and B&N’s Nook, you’ll see that their offerings are neatly catagorized by genre and then number of sales or popularity. Popularity is the number of good reviews. A book moves up the list according to those two factors. We can help each other by buying and then posting a review.

Here comes the request. A lot of copies of my Milward Chronicles fantasy epic have sold but there are precious few reviews posted on Amazon. Fictionwise does have them. If you downloaded a copy of my books would you please post a review on Amazon? If you don’t like writing a review all you have to do is click the number of stars you feel it deserves. I like 5’s, but as an ego-driven author I would.

Thanks in advance.


About robertleebeers

Author, Illustrator, Artist, Musician, and (sorry) politician.
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