Fan Fiction

I admit it, I am a geek. I not only can discourse for hours on comic books but I can also win trivia contests on all four Star Trek incarnations. As with many geeks with a classics bias, I also insist that Starbuck should have remained a man and the cylons were never intended to be terminator clones.

With that being said, I have often wondered why really good science fiction series that are cut short by their creator’s death cannot be ressurected. My prime example are the adventures of Hobart Floyt and Alacrity Fitzhugh. The books are a triology penned by Brian Daley, a writer of fan fiction that finally found his niche in these novels. Both Floyt and Fitzhugh exemplify the personas needed to fill out the sort of everyman heros readers just love to devour.

If you check out the classic television sci-fi shows such as Star Trek and Battlestar Gallactica, you’ll find reams of fan fiction, some of it readable and some of it not so much. When it comes to the works of authors who have passed on such as Ann McCaffery, Robert Jordon and Robert Asprin, we have some decent follow-up by accomplished writers. Where Brian Daley is, nothing has been done and this is a crying shame. I doubt you will find any of the criticism aimed at the Floyt and Fitzhugh books with much substance to back up the dislike. The characters are very well fleshed out and the humor is contagious. So where is the follow-up? Where are the worthy sequels? I can guarantee you the publishing world is just waiting for the proper pitch.

No, I am not the one to do it, not that I do not have the writing chops to carry it off. I have my own two series plus some additional projects that take up more than enough time. With a fan base in the hundreds of thousands, I am sure the late Mister Daley has at least a few in that number able to carry the load. So, where are you? We are waiting.

Cover for first Floyt Fitzhugh book


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