Characters, Lots and Lots of Characters

My son was telling me the other day the reason why he enjoys George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones so much, it is the way the author manages to juggle so many completely fleshed-out characters within the narrative. The fact that Martin is able to do so over such a long, extended epic is a mark of the writer’s genius, either that or he manages to “listen to the voices”, as I have said about myself over the years.

I write epic fantasy because it allows you to create your own thickly populated world with Peoples and creatures that can be as solid as you choose to make them. In my Milward Chronicles, I am currently working on the fifth volume. Many of the cast in this book have been there since the first few chapters of the epic and others are just now appearing. In the chapter I am in now I am detailing how two of my favorites, the loveable rogues Flynn and Neely take it upon themselves to do a bit of heavy-handed detecting regarding an overheard conspiracy to “disappear” the young Duke Bilardi’s fiance, the Lady Charity. Charity also happens to be the one time traveling companion of Flynn and Neely, hence their interest.

If you read the Chronicles you will have a very clear picture of the two rogues since their personalities have been well established over the previous four volumes. Sometimes an author does not have that amount of space to create a well-rounded character, but when you do it is an absolute luxury. Just as it can take years for a human being to fully develop into the man or woman they choose to be, so it is with the characters we create in our own private worlds. I say, the more, the merrier.


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2 Responses to Characters, Lots and Lots of Characters

  1. kittymobile says:

    As long as the characters are strong and there aren’t so many that readers forget whose name belongs to whom, I would agree.

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