A Frog in the Fog

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A couple of posts ago I wrote about branching out, trying other creative projects in order to get the writing juices flowing. Being blocked is not fun and it happens a lot to writers.

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I do more than writing. I tried LinkedIn for a while but it had pretty much the same downside as Facebook, there is way too much nonessential chatter in it and the program doesn’t ask you before it sends unwanted invites to anyone who may have wandered through your address book. There were a few writers forums in LinkedIn but none of them really did much of what I consider to be worthwhile in discussing writing, such as critiques. A writer gets nowhere if someone he or she can trust is not allowed in to give the effort a look with another pair of eyes. I tried to seek some critique and was unceremoniously blocked from the forum. So, LinkedIn got bounced from this machine I’m typing on now.

Page 2

The photos you are looking at are from the latest project I took on so the juices keep flowing. The title of the book is A Frog in the Fog. David Freeman is the author and he is kind enough to let me do the artwork. Dave has a remarkable gift for nonsense poetry. You need that if you’re going to write for kids. Shel Silverstein, Doctor Seuss and the others all had that.

This book is going to be 32 pages long, more when you add the covers and assorted extras. A polliwog is bugged by an encroaching frog. It is, to be quite honest a whole heck of a lot of fun to put these pictures together.

I use Photoshop for most of it, drawing the frog and polliwog onto a clean sheet of paper and then scanning them into the program. Photoshop allows you to use layers to piece together the art and then putting it into a format that prints beautifully.

page 3

David is currently looking for a real publisher, not a POD joint or one of the vanity presses that promises everything and then does nothing much at all. I would love to see him find one and not just because it would give me a rather lucrative gig (not that that isn’t a good thing), but because his writing deserves an audience and with a bit of proper promotions it could be as large as the one that I grew up reading about with cats in hats.

Here is page 4. I have to go now and draw the other 28.

Page 4


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