Ten Purple Monkeys

One of the great losses to readers through the advent of ebooks is the vanishing illustrations. If you check out the UK and European editions of books sold in the US you will invaribly find them loaded with illustrations. The artwork adds quite a lot, including a hint at what the author had in mind when describing the characters.

When it comes to children’s books that is another issue entirely. ow that we have the full color editions of the Kindle, Nook and other assorted readers we should see more and more publishers finding out how to get their authors involved. The folks at Amazon’s Createspace have a remarkable program that acts as if the pages are actually turning in real time to the movement of either the mouse, the stylus or even the fingertip (based on the device).

I know this because I just finished uploading a new illustrated manuscript to Creatspace. It is another idea from the fertile mind of David Freeman, who just may be the next Theodore Geisle (I’m not going to give you this felloow’s nom de plume, look it up).

The title of this new childrens book is Ten Purple Monkeys. I showed some printouts to a 3-Graphic1 Graphic1 Graphic1 Graphic1 Graphic1year old girl and her mother. It looks like Dave has another hit. Here are some pages:



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