Keeping a commitment to yourself

About a year and a half ago I began the fifth and final chapter in the Milward Chronicles, my fantasy epic. Right now I am at close to a word count of 73,000 and just about ready to hit the rising action portion of the outline. When all is said and done this book should top out at over 150,000 words but it will also close out the various assorted individual stories I had begun back in volume one, Birthright.

I can only blame myself for not having finished it by now. When I wrote the first two books in the series I was moving along at a clip of about one book a year with editing added in. If you really do intend to pursue a career in writing the only way to do so is to continue to write. I committed to this series by giving each of the characters, hero and villain, rascal and buffoon, wench and ingénue their own form of life. It is only right that I allow them to complete their stories.


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4 Responses to Keeping a commitment to yourself

  1. Eric Allen says:

    I am still waiting for this one.

  2. I am at the 3/4 mark in the ms right now. about 70,000 words.

  3. Eric Allen says:

    Only few chapters left to go I can’t wait but I do want to know if you have any idea of when it will be ready to be published in and

    • I am hopeful for the summer. After I posted a whole new and exciting scenario inserted itself into the narrative. I am at 105,000 words and Milward has yet to make it to Angbar. Hint…the identify of the witch will surprise everyone, including the publisher.

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