Honest Writing

ImageWhether or not we choose to admit it we are creatures of opinion. As to the accuracy of those opinions, well that is another matter altogether. Using that in your writing can be rather fun, especially if you are willing to prod the thin-skinned. In my latest fantasy, The Witch of Angbar I created a people patterned after the imperialistic Arabic tribes pulled together under Mohammed. In today’s political climate many would call the comparison unfair or even racist. In that they cannot be more wrong. History, if allowed to simply be what it is, is neither. History is what has gone before and that is all. Relating events of the past without regard to who is made uncomfortable is just being honest. Protecting those who would be embarrassed is called lying.

An ongoing example is the subject of abortion. In the overall epic series the wizard Milward is portrayed as a student of all things. He is also portrayed as an individual who does not suffer fools gladly…somewhat like his writer. As such Milward deals with the issue as he only can, by exposing the ignorance and idiocy of those who place biological reality behind political agenda in importance.  I witnessed such idiocy the other day on a television news program. The woman on the democrat side of the argument, rather than using valid illustration resorted to an ever-increasing reduction in demeanor and therefore proving her opponent’s point in front of several million viewers.

That scene became grist for the writer’s mill. In the book the obese Pfaldam priest succumbs to a stroke by being forced to face the reality of Milward’s greater power. The man had a choice to listen and to learn, but his personal agenda adamantly refused to bend to the truth.

When utilized to its fullest extent the uncomfortable truth can be a very effective writing tool.


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