Cloaking Racism as an excuse

I was doing a search on the GEICO Caveman ads when I came across a blog written by a woman whose writing techniques were stellar, her content…not so much. My chief issue with the content is the search for reasons to be offended. According to this particular post the woman admitted to watching the commercials repeatedly until eventually deciding the cavemen, rather then being anthropogenic yuppies, as the studio that created them has said on more than one occasion, were thinly veiled references to blacks. Of course the claims in the blog are ridiculous, worse than ridiculous, a symptom of the cancer of bigotry rampant in so many people today. Rather than taking some very ingenious writing at its face value and enjoying it, the bigoted writer seeks to justify her own racial hatred by pointing the finger where no guilt exists. Similar to the ignorance and stupidity that existed in Salem Massachusetts in the 1600’s, this type of accusation points more towards the accuser than the accused.


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Author, Illustrator, Artist, Musician, and (sorry) politician.
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