The Hack, a novel idea

I’m working on the outline of a new novel. This one combines elements of political intrigue, humor similar to that found in the movie Dave, a touch of science fiction, but everything described in the book is possible and some action to spice things up.

Two high school nerds, Julius Ledbetter and Lucius Kosnowsky discover they have the capability of untraceablely affecting the next presidential election and choose to do so by catapulting their sociology teacher, a former state assemblyman into the national spotlight.

The book will explore a very intriguing question, what would be the response of a completely intrenched corrupt political system when faced with the very real likelihood of an incorruptible candidate not only entering the race but winning. To make it a bit more fun, I have Julius and Lucius assemble a team of nerds fully capable of dealing with the assorted corporate and governmental threats in rather inventive ways; not that there isn’t a close call or two.

More later


About robertleebeers

Author, Illustrator, Artist, Musician, and (sorry) politician.
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