Expanding the market

If you have spent any time at all watching current television programing and if you are an experienced writer you, like me have been rather disappointed in what constitutes plot development these days. One of the reasons for this is there is no talent whatsoever residing in the studio and network board rooms. Talent is not allowed there as the focus would shift from affordability and profit to quality. This state of affairs would be intolerable if it were not for one thing, the broad band internet.

If you have some time and the capability of streaming videos online check out YouTube with the search term “webisode”. What you will be introduced to is the new frontier for writers of fiction. Most networks and studios have a habit of placing anything they cannot see as immediately making them wealthy into development hell, a sort of limbo world where promises come on a daily basis but nothing is ever decided, sort of like Washington DC. In the world of the webisode there is no such thing and because of the various public funding sites now online the writer need not even approach the studio or network at all, not even for handouts.

The science fiction show  Sanctuary, starring Amanda Tapping from Stargate SG1 began as a series of webisodes and was picked up for network broadcast. Amy Berg, one of the pioneers of webisode broadcasting put together a team of young actors from shows such as Leverage, Justified, Days of our Lives and so on and has produced Caper, a show about super heroes needing to steal to pay their rent. The possibilities are endless and if the writing is quality there is a very good bet the production will be as well.

As anyone who follows this blog knows, I am a writer of two fantasy series, the Milward Chronicles and the Tony Mandolin Mystery Series. I have begun exploring the possibility of creating a weisode series based on the first Tony Mandolin book, A Slight Case of Death. In doing some research it appears that the quality of writing and the potential for capturing a sizable online audience is quite significant. Those who choose to take their entertainment online tend to prefer science fiction, fantasy and horror as well as humor. A Slight Case of Death entails all but one of those elements. This could be interesting.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this.


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