Writing in all three dimensions

Right now I am working on the fourth Tony Mandolin mystery, Hair of the Dog. The plot involves werewolves, vampires the last of the dragons, a compact administered by a wizard who happens to be a recovering alcoholic and a witch doctor with a serious issue with revenge. As with all of the previous books, it is important, very, very important to correctly paint the scene for the reader and that means writing in all three dimensions.

Writing in three dimensions describes the process of taking into account all of the factors you may experience if you were actually there. When you experience a given situation you take in data with all of your senses, taste, touch, sight, sound, tactile or feeling. If it is at night and your character is in the midst of a storm that came out of the north you would describe the temperature, the feel of the raindrops, either hard and biting or soft and damply chill. There would be the sound of the rain, the taste of it or anything that may have blown in one the wind and then the sounds come into play, rain can either patter or drive against the pavement with the sound of a million tiny jackhammers. See?

We inhabit this universe exercising all five of our senses, unless something went wrong and all five of those senses occupy all three dimensions. It is good to consider that a you pen the next NY Times Best Seller.


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