Dealing with the internet

Today’s writers have a much larger (potential) audience than those in the days of paper books. Conversely, today’s writers can also be lost in a crowd of not millions, but billions, putting down prose worthy of a Nobel prize that no one with the connections ever reads.

So what do you do?

The first thing is to become a nuisance on the internet, if you want attention and you want to be read. If you are concerned about making friends, become something other than a writer. If you want readers, become noticed (without becoming a criminal). Some sites will temporarily block you and some may blacklist you. If that occurs, publish that action and name names. Nothing spreads faster than supposedly malicious gossip. Don’t believe me? Ever hear of Robert Murdoch? The largest selling papers by far, and the New York Times or the London Times are not even in the race, are the supermarket tabloids. You may be writing superb, intelligent and noteworthy stuff but it will be ignored unless someone talks about it.


About robertleebeers

Author, Illustrator, Artist, Musician, and (sorry) politician.
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