Random thoughts and Lucky Stiff

I’m currently working on my fifth Tony Mandolin mystery/fantasy. I call the genre noir fantasy because it’s the closest short term definition I can think of. Think Phil Marlow meets Gandalf and you’ve got yourself in the neighborhood. The most difficult thing for me in writing, and writing well is to maintain the consistency and the logic system I build into the world I create. What makes it rather more difficult is I made a vow to never stoop to foul language or graphic sex to bulk up my page count. Believe me, doing that is stooping, even if you feel offended by the accusation. Writing for the lowest common denominator is easier than writing a good story. If you are still scowling, consider Josh Whedon, that is how he writes and he finished directing the most successful moneymaker in movie history, The Avengers. Every R-rated competitor wasn’t even in the lineup.

Luck Stiff, still centered in San Francisco, still with the cast I’ve built up over the previous four books, and still using a lot more humor than any other writer in the same genre, deals with a couple of issues. The first is based on a question I’ve wondered about over the past several decades, does luck exist, and if so, what happens to the universe if the unluckiest person there is becomes able to change it? The second one deals with B.O.N.E.R, the Brotherhood o’ Non-Living Entities Reanimated. Is a fine upstanding organization that helps zombies get reintegrated into society. And yes, the is a huge difference between innuendo and over the top coarseness.


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