Dealing with diety in fantasy

Fans of the show Supernatural will be the first to tell you the writers of the show don’t do much with God outside of allusions to the fact that the creator may still be “out there somewhere”. As a writer I find that approach to be both self-serving and rather cowardly. In a series ostensibly based on Judeo Christian mythology, to leave out the two most powerful personages, God the Father and Jesus from the narrative is like leaving the cumin out of a batch of chili. All you have then is ruined spaghetti sauce.

Well, one of the nice things about being a writer is being able to see the mistakes of others and do something about them in your work. Book 5 in the Tony Mandolin Mysteries, Luck Stiff has a very definite appearance by Jesus himself, also the Devil, and angel or two plus a few other personages from myth and folklore. As to how they are dealt with in the narrative is for you to find out. I’ll just put one clue down here, if you are an atheist activist, you will be outraged and highly insulted—intentionally.


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