Galtru The Dwarf

The title of this is the working title for a new series I have in mind. In looking around I can only find one series of books that have dwarves as the central characters, and that series is from Germany. Even though well-written there is much in the books that is old news, dwarves are courageous and somewhat bloodthirsty. Yes, and Tolkien established that back in the 1930’s. There must be another way to look at that race.

Because this is the age of plagiarism, I am declaring my intentions here and if someone else comes out with the book before I am published we will know who had the idea first.

Imagine a book that begins with village life in a dwarf settlement where the work a day existence of the race is explored in detail. The reader learns of their art, their jokes, their culture, why certain things are done and others are not done, at least not by any decent dwarf. What makes a dwarf warrior, a merchant, is there a difference? How doe a dwarf artisan do what they do and why? And most of all, what is their relationship with the other races and why?

I believe this can be written in such a way that it not only comes across as a cracking good story, but also as a treatise on an imagined race that nearly every other fantasy author has skimmed over.


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