When To Stop Writing

Unless you happen to one of the very rare successful full time authors, there comes a time when you should consider putting down the keyboard and picking up another hobby. Believe me, being able to put down your imaginations into novel form and have other people want to read it in enough numbers to allow you to do it full time is far rarer than a successful artist, musician, actor, or athlete.

A few of the signs that this may be the time is the very conspicuous zero on the comment indicator on your blog postings. With an average potential readership of over one hundred million at any given time, a zero is a good indicator that either what you are writing is crap, or someone up there has no interest at all in seeing you succeed. Another one is the cooling of the honeymoon with your publisher, if you have one. Sure, those early days were fine and you were inspired by the replies to your questions or suggestions, but now…the only answer you get is the sound of the lone cricket in the corner. You can’t blame them, you aren’t making them any money, more than likely. The sure sign is the one where you can’t even give the books away. Most ebook markets allow you to offer your writing for free, most for a limited time, but fee is free. If no one even wants to turn a page for free, I’d say that’s a pretty decent sign of time to move on.

“But, but maybe I’m not giving them enough time!”

(Sound of the error buzzer) Wrong! If Amazon can take an order and get it on to your doorstep the next day, even if you are in remote Alaska, anyone, including someone working 16 hours a day can take the 30 seconds needed to reply to an email. Face it friend, you are no longer a priority.

“But, I want to write!”

Then do so, just don’t frustrate yourself by attempting to continue to sell what people do not want or bother posting what no one will read. Some hobbies ae just for your own pleasure and it is very liberating to drop the weight of impotent desire.


A good question. The best way is to give yourself a deadline. For myself, it is the end of this year. This blog will go away on January 1, 2015 unless a comment, or two or three is seen. I figure several years is more than enough. We will see. And by the way, having to pay for exposure on the internet is just insulting, if not downright unethical.


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