An open letter to Michael Francis Moore.

Mister Moore, you have gone on the record, yet again attacking a man for doing what you excuse by others. Hypocrisy, in any form is distasteful, but you have managed to turn that particular sin into a disgusting art form.

The man you attacked, the late Chris Kyle, obviously an easy target because he has passed away and can therefore pose no danger to you, was a Navy SEAL. For clarity’s sake, I will admit to having been in the US Navy during the later stages of Vietnam. I wound up being placed for corpsman training; others in my company went to the teams for their training. It takes an entirely different makeup for a man to be able to succeed as a SEAL. The man you labeled a coward had to endure what would have dissolved every one of his detractors.

To qualify as a corpsman all one needed to do was display an ability to deal with the human anatomy without throwing up. To qualify as a SEAL you have to display the intelligence required for medical training and the endurance of an Olympic athlete. You, Mister Moore claim to be a writer and a journalist. I have read some of your writing. It appears you did not do well in English class. A SEAL must be able to get his message across in seconds while being thorough. Apparently, to qualify as a journalist all one needs to do is show up occasionally and throw the odd stone.

Now, as to your glaring hypocrisy, Team Member Kyle put up an impressive record of kills. You and Hollywood have attempted to paint this as some form of crime against humanity. My father was a marine sniper in WWII and my brother and I learned much about that skill from him while growing up. A sniper is trained, endlessly to be able to differentiate between viable and unviable targets within a heartbeat. Guaranteed, Mister Moore, every one of Team Member Kyle’s kills was justified and verified as an act that saved American lives. Perhaps it is that saving that upset you.

As a member of the US Navy I had the experience of meeting the occasional SEAL. To a man I respect every one of them, even though there was no doubt we would ever be able to socialize, the personality of a SEAL and a Corpsman are far too different, but you would have no knowledge of that, would you Mister Moore?

A sniper remembers every single kill. They are imprinted upon the brain as images that never dim. That is the price that is paid for doing that duty. Your record shows an entirely different lifestyle, and you blithely attack easily crafted straw men with no thought of what your lies, innuendos and smears do to the families of your victims.

In addition, Team Member Kyle was a hero in a war against an enemy you have yet to denounce for any atrocity. You blamed this country for what happened on 911, tossing aside any thought of compassion for those who were killed by an outrageous act of cowardice by an Islamic lunatic hiding in a cave.

No, Mister Moore, Chris Kyle was something you will never be, an American Hero and a respected family man. He rests in peace. You rest on laurels you never earned.

Robert Lee Beers


About robertleebeers

Author, Illustrator, Artist, Musician, and (sorry) politician.
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