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Tony Mandolin portrait Probably the toughest thing for an author without a high-powered publicity agency and/or unlimited disposable cash to accomplish is getting recognition. Sometimes it may feel as if the universe is actively working to shield the reading public from your work. This, of course, is silly, but there is certainly an oddity in who gets recognized and who does not. I have personally read stories that should have been best sellers but were as obscure as the dark side of the moon, and I have watched literal junk being praised as a “fresh new voice”. Frankly, a rehash of expletive-laden cliches is neither fresh nor new. So what to do?

In today’s world there are a variety of avenues to put yourself and your efforts out before the public. Social media is one very useful tool, and if you make your pages attractive, easy to navigate, and more than just an advertisement, you have a very good start in doing an end run around those agencies and publisher too stupid to recognize your talent. Remember the all too common story of the several agents and publishers who rejected the first Harry Potter, as well as nearly every other major best seller. They have offices and they have avenues. What they typically do not have is good taste. That seems to be reserved for an unknown number of the reading public.

It used to be, that in order to become published, the aspiring author had to get into print, and that meant printed words on paper bound into an actual book. Not today. In fact, there are more books published for the various reading devices than there are printed onto paper. The Ebook management program, Calibre, is  the best application there is for the creation of a novel into an Ebook. The newer versions of Word will actually create a manuscript complete with chapters that can be navigated in nearly every reader out there.

As for distribution, Amazon is the largest, but not the only bookseller the independent author can make use of. Try typing “ebook seller” into your favorite search engine and see what comes up.

Once you are ready, it is time to build some sort of platform where your readers can be enticed into adding your books into their library. Several online programs help you to create a website. Amazon will even link to your website and give you an author page to boot. Check out my site, http://www.tonymandolin.com. I also created pages off my Tony Mandolin Facebook page for the Milward Chronicles and the Tony Mandolin urban fantasy mysteries. https://www.facebook.com/thewizardmilward  and  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Case-Files-of-Tony-Mandolin-PI/404309059754306

Believe me, there is no more satisfying feeling than being able to tell the literary agent who rejected you to take a hike.


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