‪#‎yournextfavoriteauthor It’s Been a While

It’s been about 9 months since I put anything here, putting together you own author site can do that to old friends.

http://www.tonymandolin.com, that is the url of where I’ve been for most of the past year. Writing can be very cathartic, and somewhat addictive, at least that has been my experience. Sometimes it feels as if all I am doing is putting down a story I’m being told via my imagination. It can become so real that I almost hear the dialogue I’m typing as a conversation. That is what happens when the world you create becomes more real to you than the one you stub you toe in.

I just finished the sixth volume of the Tony Mandolin mystery series. It is what is called Supernatural Fiction, not fantasy. Fantasy is what the Milward Chronicles are all about, castles, maidens, wizards, dragons, swords and sorcery. The Tony Mandolin mysteries happen in San Francisco… today’s San Francisco, complete with all of its wierdness, beaty and disgusting ugliness. Nope, your basic high fantasy does not have streetcars and handguns. It’s also nowhere near as much fun to write.

Go ahead, click on the URL. You know you want to…


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Author, Illustrator, Artist, Musician, and (sorry) politician.
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