Satisfied readers. I love this.

Just want you to know our vacation was a family vacation and hubby and I had less down time than usual. He is 1/2 through the book and enjoying 🙂 He is away on business again next week, so by 2 weeks he should complete it and send you a review.

I shared the book with my dad…a retired NYS investigator and he breezed through it and enjoyed. He was reading it on the plane on our way to Mexico with us…lol. He is not the type to give a review, but I will say he gave the first book a thumbs up and he intends on reading book #2. The feedback I got was
1. He likes it
2. It is very detailed and good
3. He was surprised it turned into a sci-fi it surprised him

My Dad is an avid reader which surprises many if you ever met him…lol. Very much into crime/thrillers so for him to like I say kudos to you! Again sorry hubby is dragging a bit, but he will follow through or I will kill him…lol. Have a great weekend.

Purrs & Peace,



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