What’s it all about?

The Fog City Files is my blog site about writing. Those of us who occupy this ethernet dimension spend a considerable amount of our time writing, thinking about writing and then reading the works of writers we both admire and enjoy.

Almost 10 years ago now (has it really been that long?) I caught the bug and began working on a fantasy series that eventually took nearly a million words to complete the story. I shopped it around to nearly every agent in the book, literally, Eventually a small publisher in Queensland Australia, Writers Exchange, took a chance and published the first volume, Birthright. A few months later it was listed on Fictionwise as the number 1 fantasy bestseller on that site. It stayed there for 6 weeks. Three more volumes followed with comparable results and the attendant reviews.

However, the dreams of worldwide fame, movie offers and my mountaintop retreat never materialized. My agent fell off the face of the earth and the necessity of actually having a real job continued to dog me. This is a very familiar story to just about every writer out there. Hence this blog.

Fog City Files is meant to serve several purposes. First, it is a shameless advertisement for this writer. If we do not advertise, we don’t get read, and getting read is the main reason for writing. Secondly, it is also a sounding board for those of you who choose to offer advice, seek the same and/or simply want to vent. FCF is not and will never be a political tool or a soapbox for that particular sewer. My other blog, Life On the Rockpile does that just fine.

I am very new to WordPress and so you may see changes as I get used to this thing. If you look at my profile you will also see that I illustrate as well as write, plus several other things, but that is besides this point. The series I am currently working on is similar to the Dresden Files and also Simon R. Green’s Nightside series. All right, it is an overt usage of a previously used plot device…flattery and all that, but honestly, the opening was sitting right there!

A good tool for a writer is the ability to use a cliché and then punch it in the nose. Examples of that can be found in my fantasy series, The Milward Chronicles and also in the Tony Mandolin Mysteries. Vampires, for an example, usually drink blood; not in my books, dragons are typically reptiles, but not in the fantasy series I wrote, and so on, and so on, and so on. Changing a tradition makes its new life entirely yours, as long as you do it well.

So, as for this blog, I heartily encourage comments, the more the merrier. As often as I can I will be posting book samples and ideas as they come to me. Every decent writer knows…you have to listen to the voices.


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