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Wrapping up an epic fantasy

Epic fantasy is enveloping, enjoyable and hair-pullingly frustrating to write. In order to do it well you need to be able to draw the reader in without losing them into whatever web you are weaving. This means being able to … Continue reading

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Books on Amazon

Amazon has made buying a book, any book remarkably easy, whether it be a downloadable ebook or a first edition signed and numbered hardback. You get your book quickly and in good condition. As an author, it is the height … Continue reading

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Random thoughts and Lucky Stiff

I’m currently working on my fifth Tony Mandolin mystery/fantasy. I call the genre noir fantasy because it’s the closest short term definition I can think of. Think Phil Marlow meets Gandalf and you’ve got yourself in the neighborhood. The most … Continue reading

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Dealing with the internet

Today’s writers have a much larger (potential) audience than those in the days of paper books. Conversely, today’s writers can also be lost in a crowd of not millions, but billions, putting down prose worthy of a Nobel prize that … Continue reading

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Expanding Your Audience

The one thing that hobbles most writer’s recognition is the crowd they are lost within. If the literary world were at all honest (which it is not) it would admit that Hemingway was not unique and neither was Poe. For … Continue reading

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Creating a laugh

I have always preferred writing that brings out a smile or even provokes a laugh or two. This is why my favorite authors are the humorists, Sir Terry Pratchett being at the pinnacle of that heap. Editors may not believe … Continue reading

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Writing in all three dimensions

Right now I am working on the fourth Tony Mandolin mystery, Hair of the Dog. The plot involves werewolves, vampires the last of the dragons, a compact administered by a wizard who happens to be a recovering alcoholic and a … Continue reading

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The Value of Friends

Every writer has a resource he or she desperately needs to utilize, friends. An addition set of eyes, especially if those eyes can view your manuscript with the mindset of a fan is beyond price Every dedication page of every … Continue reading

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A Slight Case of Death

This is what I put together as an example of the opening credits sequence for A Slight Case of Death. Two funding campaigns have been started to see if the web series can actually be created. Kickstarter is at: reading

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Expanding the market

If you have spent any time at all watching current television programing and if you are an experienced writer you, like me have been rather disappointed in what constitutes plot development these days. One of the reasons for this is … Continue reading

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